Dat Nguyen Android Developer

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I’m an Android Developer who can build apps from the ground up. I've worked from large enterprise to SME and mostly at startups recently to build B2B, B2C solutions in the various domains so I am used to wearing many hats. I'm generally very interested in invest new tech.



  • Full Android development stack: from device driver up to Application layer
  • App Architect
  • Java, Kotlin
  • Deep dive into optimize performance, concurrency(Thread, Coroutines) and memory model in JVM
  • Dive into KMM/KMP


  • AWS, GCP
  • Blockchain Solution Architect
  • DevOps
  • Software Architect
  • Paradigm transition from OOP to Functional programming


  • DevOps/IaC, AWS/GCP, Web3 (Blockchain/SmartContract)
  • Back to technology foundation and deep dive under the hood
  • Delivery secure software development in effective manner
  • Migrate crypto into curent fiat system along with ISO20022 standard
  • Invest in PCI-DSS and cryprography










– Present
Android Developer

Develop solution for international hospital to help engage customer adopt medical information & top-class health care services

  • Delivery brand new Android app Clean Architect using Kotlin and Rx in 3 months with 99% crash free
  • Build Knowable - Audio base training course using Kotlin, Rx with Firebase as BaaS


Android Developer

Planday is a SaaS service to help employee scheduling software. Develop and deliver new feature bi-weekly as Agile team which secure series C €35M

  • Contribute to raising Android rating on Play store from 4.0 to 4.4 by increase crash free to 99.8%, smooth UI animation, reduce network error on Loggly from 10% to less than 0.2%
  • Working in agile team from planning, daily scrum to retrospective using Jira
  • Migrate legacy codebase to new architect using MVVM, Kotlin by using Jenkin CI/CD to automate build & UI automation test to fast feedback loop, increase quality with confidence when refactoring legacy code
  • Migrate GDPR compliance in peak time by tranform newly login system smoothly

Samsung Vietnam R&D


Very first team member to help Build, Training new member to Bring up Samsung Vietnam R&D

  • Complete training on embedded linux system, kernel porting, Android framework on MDS board to customize Android OS from bootloader, device driver, init.rc, zygote, system process, framework to App layer
  • Training new member & bring up Contact, Email team for Samsung phone on SEA market, contribute to help develop Samsung R&D center from 14 member to 2k members in 2016
  • Software project lead for Samsung model Tab 3: PIC entire software stack from OS to Application to coordinate with HQ, HW & marketing team to deliver model Tab 3 to SEA market with 6 months.
  • Develop & maintain cloud solution for B2B & B2C Android app on Cloud & Hypervisor on Samsung model



Oursourcing software for Panasonic & NTT-Docomo Android model

  • Develop pre-installed Android application using eclipse & Java for Panasonic smartphone: Eluga, Lumix
  • Hand-on iterator process from high level design to detail design, sematic, test to code by apply TDD using Rational Rose & Astah



Develop & maintain Camera, Schedule application for Sanyo for North US market using native C and Brew Qualcomm

  • Maintain & fix issue on Sprint model using native C on Visual Studio
  • Debugging & fix memory leak on native C mobile platform
  • Working in team to build mobile app framework using native C from event loop, Adapter, UI component to deliver 2 native apps on Kyocera mobile
  • Config Management for simulator on Redhat/Fedora: samba, nfs & networking simulation for development team


VNU University of Engineering and Technology



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