2021 Year-end review

2021 Year of change

A lot of change happened in 2021

One of the biggest achievements of this year is my family, welcome a new member, suddenly my little boy became an old brother of “Rùa” and I became a dad of two kids :D for all good things I want to express my deep appreciation for my Spring for taking care of family and making some room for me to chase something ;)

This year my little boy turns 3 years old, It is such difficult for him to discover the world under pandemic when staying at home for a long time and especially become toy of his young brother. I wish he will be happy and find a way to happy growth with his lifelong “good-brother”, we love you my tiny little “Kiến” :D: “Con kiến nhỏ của bố mẹ”, “con Kiến”, “con Kiến ngoan rồi”, “em Rùa không cho con ngủ”, “em Rùa nghịch ổ điện”… It is such wonderful experience when see them play together, fighting together, “Rùa” very interesting on his biggest toy, He always looks after his brother and waving his hand and yelling when observing his biggest toy =)). Rùa on learning to walk, He really enjoy walking like a drunk =)), after lunar new year he can walk 4-5 steps… when he saw his old brother back from Holiday in my hometown he wave his hand toward his old brother and grab his small finger, how cute he is :D. First week after holiday I back to HN to work when I left home Kien stand at the door and calling me for a while, It make me feeling very happy when become important part of my boys :D

Summary keyword for devfarm 2021:

  • “Kiến” asking everything all day =)), and talking about the not relevant thing that I try to understand but no luck yet
  • Try new thing: out of comfort-zone
  • Get AWS certificated SAA-C02 and some blockchain certificated about Blockchain Solution Architect
  • Dive into ISO-20022 about message exchange standard in payment in the payment industry which also enable cross payment border between flat and crypto

Result of “Thing I want focus in 2021”

  • Get hands-on dirtier -> failed
  • Time management by practice “The One Thing” model: “what is the most important thing of today, this week, this month, this year, next 5 years”: failed but I still want to follow this method
  • AWS ecosystem: OK, got SAA-C02, maybe the next target will be SCS-C01
  • Monolith Django -> failed

Thing I want to focus on in 2022

  • ISO-20022
  • Practical Edga Dale’s Cone of experienced and Bloom’s Taxonomy method
  • Blockchain, security or SA: -> Practical
  • Deep dive into Kotlin ecosystem: Language, KMP, KMM
  • Looking for something fun to do

2022 Do it again

#Note: This is one of the frame I love the most in Peanuts’s comic strip, Lucy always pull the ball away but Charles by someway never give up, It is always Day 0: I wish I will always keep his spirit in my ven