2020 Year-end review

2020 Year of growth

2020 Year of Growth and a lot of change happened in last year

This is 2nd year since the Covid19 Pandemic a lot of things happened with me and everyone, we learn how to adapt to our daily life and work. What should I do as a developer to make the world a better place to live?

I just realize that I’m not only a good learner: sometimes lost focus and chasing the shiny thing … but the most terrible part is learning how to become a “good” father: our first baby is at 2nd years old, he running, talk, laughs try new thing, breaks the limit (break thing, pour water, thrown toys, candy to the floor, put everything on the water…) it challenges me a lot to keep calm and think like a baby to explain to him how he should behave to keep him safe and “good boy” :D :D :D (Thanks my wife to always remind me about how he just want to try new thing and learn about the world and we should pay more time on him), and the happiest moment is talk and plays with him when we go to school, zoo, park and walking with him together. End of 2020 our family welcome one more baby, “Hú” suddenly became an old brother :D, He should learn to become a “good” old brother :D, It would be tough at the age him but luckily his younger brother sends him a lot of chocolate since the very beginning and he love it so much :D, 2021 should be more challenge than last year but let lean-on together

Summary keyword for devfarm 2020:

  • Father of two (Have the chance to learn to become a father and think like a baby, kk)
  • Skill up with more than 10 certificates on Coursera and LA about Cloud and IoT
  • “Khủng Long Kiến Hú”, “Bố ngồi đây chơi với Kiến”, “Kiến ngoan rồi”, “Cái tay này hư”, “Ai gửi sô cô la cho Kiến: em Rùa”, “Kiến lái xe cẩu màu xanh”, “Xem khủng long”, “Bố ăn khủng long bé này đi” …

Result of “Thing I want focus in 2020”

  • When learning new thing should practical by “get hand dirty”: OK (Coursera, LA, Qwiklabs)
  • Practical Pomodoro on a daily basis: Failed even with amazing support from toggl
  • How about review every month or bi-monthly ?: Failed (13 sprints for last year is not a bad number but let do better this year)

Thing I want to focus on in 2021

  • Get hands-on dirtier
  • Time management by practice “The One Thing” model: “what is the most important thing of today, this week, this month, this year, next 5 year”, the other thing is distracting
  • AWS ecosystem
  • Monolith Django

2021 Growth