2019 Year End Review

2019 Year of change

2019 a lot of CHANGE happened in last year

The 2nd year since I learn to become “good” father, a lot of new thing to learn and growth together with my child by take care and seeing them change every day: first hair cut, flip, climd, walk… Now he is learning to speak and discover the world… and the most important person is mother of my child Thank you for always support me and take care our Family! Take time for youself and focus on priority things my darling ;)

This is 2nd year I take a moment to review what happened in last year. There are so much change happened in last year, both good and “not good enough” thing happened. First about “not good enough” aka “would be oppotunity” my former company Planday change developement strategy by move Engineer team to HQ, so that we close Engineer office in Hanoi, That is quite touch time for me and our colleage to find a new job and settle down things. Good luck and long live Planday, thanks for amazing journey we have together and BIG THANK to Thai and Long for continue maintain our code base ^^.

Last year young and talent Thai introduce me a most interesting learning resource in the engineer world. Thank you so much Thai.

Summary keyword for devfarm 2019:

  • Learn to became good father
  • Have our first snoopy house
  • New challenge with ZEN8 company
  • New challenge with LetsGo and LOOK
  • ACM

Result of “Thing I want focus on DevFarm in 2019”

  • One side project go to market: Failed
  • AWS: OK
  • “Shadowing”: OK
  • Sharpen dev skills: OK but not concrete enough
  • Monthly sprint retrospective with mentor (gurunh): Failed

Thing I want focus in 2020

  • When learning new thing should practical by “get hand dirty”
  • Practical Pomodoro in daily basis
  • How about review every month or bi-monthly ?