2018 Year End Review

2018 Year I became Father

2018 Year I became Father!

One of the most remarkable moment that change my life forever !!! Thank YOU to make me and my Spring become “Mother and Father” :D:D:D, I enjoy every moment while take care you, even when you are crying !?! haha… Be brave little my sweetheart !! We Love you so much :D and to my Spring (who play various importal roles in my life: my darling, co-worker, house-keeper, cleaner, cooker, wash machine, CFO … and the most important … “Mother of my child”) Thank you for always support me and take care our Family! (although sometime she claim me a lot about financial) but I love you so much !

Summary keyword for devfarm 2018:

  • Too many focus (second pursuit)
  • Distract by many interesting thing
  • So there are no product go to market
  • Via PDR found out one of interesting weekness of my self
  • Initialize step with AWS, Serverless, VIM (inspire by Cuong), Kotlin, MacOS, IoT…
  • Back to github from trello, bitbucket, perforce, svn
  • Better tracking method for personal development
  • Continous improve english by “Shadowing” technique (inspire by Khoiracle)
  • DevFarm logs
  • Start contribute for opensource (translator), community (wikileak)

Thing I want focus on DevFarm in 2019

  • One side project go to market
  • AWS
  • “Shadowing”
  • Sharpen dev skills
  • Monthly sprint retrospective with mentor (gurunh)